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Babyroo WordBabyROO � The first 12 months is the time of greatest neurological development. Your baby proceeds from prenatal movements to head and arm movement, head lifting, creeping, then to crawling on all fours, cruising and finally at about 12 months toddling. Each stage is defined by a period of repetitive movements which are important for setting up and re-inforcing certain core neurological pathways. This is also period of time when natural primitive reflexes you are born with to help you in utero and through the birth process are actively suppressed naturally through stimuli related to physiological movement such as head lifting. There is an increased risk of not optimizing future learning potential if the natural order is not followed, and that today this is not as easy as it was 50 years ago. At BabyROO classes parents are taken step by step through the natural process as their baby grows in a way that is fun, and enjoyable experience for both the parent and the baby, and so we hope you will go home and be informed sufficiently to be able to re-inforce the natural process, as after all babies are developing 7 x 24 and not just for 45 minutes a week at Aussieroo/Kindyroo.

JoeyROOToddlerROOThe next two years is ToddleROO time. Over this time your little one develops from their first toddling steps to the emergence of competent running, jumping and related skills. Important foundation setting neurological development occurs over this time. Some key developments during this phase are: physiological re-inforcement of gross and fine motor skills, development of laterality, management of behaviour, first words, learning of communication, handling of small object, hand eye coordination, listening, and following instructions. These have a direct input into reading writing and later learning skills. Aussieroo/Kindyroo trained teachers help you guide your child to re-inforce the development of these important skills. Aussieroo/Kindyroo teacher are skilled and knowledgeable in these areas of early child hood development and go with you step by step, week by week as your child development evolves. You are supported by information handouts to help you re-inforce the process at home, and most importantly you and your little one have a fun fun fun time doing the specifically designed development activities.

ToddlerROOJoeyROO, is Integration time for 3 to 5 year olds The most important stages of neurological development as it relates to future learning ability occurs over this period of time. That is integration, ie when all the different aspects you have carefully nutured come together to form the neurological superhighways to support future learning. The Key developments are: integration of messages from the eyes limbs and across the midline so they can move with control and efficiency; learning to use their eyes for word recognition and other visual skills (near point vision and distance vision); sequencing; following instructions; and improvement in coordination skills. The AussieROO/Kindyroo teachers, the program and equipment will help you re-inforce your childs development through these stages and help them develop their skills, they are also trained to help you with any �just noticeable differences� that may come to your attention.

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